Morrisby Online Resources

Introduction to Morrisby Online

This short video has been made to give a quick introduction to Morrisby Online.


Gatsby Benchmarks Framework

Find out how Morrisby can help you meet the Gatsby Benchmarks:

Morrisby Gatsby Benchmarks Framework


How to set-up and administer Morrisby Online in a group session.

Administration Guide

How to set-up and administer an Aspirations Morrisby Online group session.

Aspirations Administration Guide

The Morrisby interview template system saves you time by collating background information from the candidate and automatically producing a comprehensive summary that forms the framework of the personal interview notes. The following document describes how the system works.

Interview Template System Guide

Parent Communication

If you are asking parents to fund their child's Morrisby Online session, then you can use this template letter to explain a bit more about what is involved.

Parent Funding Communications Letter

Parent Information Leaflet.

Account Recovery


Who can complete the aptitude assessments?

The aptitude tests in this service can be challenging and require both concentration and focus.

Candidates need to:

Learning difficulties

Those with mild or moderate dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and similar learning difficulties can complete the assessment using the standard time limits.
[Please contact Morrisby Support with details of the candidate's diagnosis so that appropriate adjustments may be made to the results after the session.
A blanket 25% extra time does not compensate for the nuanced nature of these conditions and their varied impact on differing assessments.
More information on learning difficulties can be found in our FAQs.]