How to access the vocablary test.

If you are using the latest version of Morrisby, please click here to view the relevant support articles.

  • Log in to Morrisby Manager during the assessment session

  • Select the 'Candidates' tab

  • Select the candidate(s) who need access to the vocabulary test. They will have a red ESL flag as highlighted below:

  • Click the 'Activate' button in the 'Vocab Test' section at the bottom of the screen

  • The vocabulary test will automatically be added as the candidate's final assessment

  • If a candidate has already completed the assessment session without the vocabulary test, it can still be activated using the same method. In this case, on the next login, the candidate will see the vocabulary test as the final assessment.

    Either way, the candidate can still voluntarily complete the vocabulary test as follows:

    • The candidate logs into their Morrisby account
    • Select the 'Profile/Aptitudes' tab
    • Select 'Take the Vocabulary Test' on the right-hand side of the screen