How to retrieve a password.

If you are using the latest version of Morrisby, please click here to view the relevant support articles.

If the candidate knows the email address they used to register, they can retrieve their password using the 'Forgotten Login' link on the login screen at

Alternatively, you can give them an Account Recovery Code to allow them immediate access to their account:
  • Log in to your Morrisby Manager account
  • Select the 'Candidates' tab, and locate the candidate who has forgotten their login
  • Click their name to expand the details and click the 'Create account recovery code' button

  • A 10 character code will be displayed - provide this to the candidate
  • The candidate selects 'Log In' on then enters the code on the 'Account Recovery' tab

If required, you can also create multiple recovery codes for a group of candidates, downloadable as a CSV file.
  • Log in to your Morrisby Manager account
  • Select the 'Candidates' tab, and select the group of candidates you need
  • Click 'Generate Recovery Codes' at the bottom of the screen
  • With your candidates still selected, click 'Download Data', then select 'Candidate Details' in the pop-up box

  • A CSV file will then be created
  • Unique Recovery Codes are shown for each candidate with expiry dates, as shown in the example below
  • Recovery Codes will expire after 7 days
  • Should a candidate remember their login details, they will still be able to log in normally, despite the recovery code being created