How to assign a teacher or adviser to a group.

If you are using the latest version of Morrisby, please click here to view the relevant support articles.

  • Log into Morrisby Manager
  • Select the 'Settings' tab
  • Select 'Advisers'
  • Complete the teacher or adviser's name and email address
  • Select if you would like the adviser to have access to 'All Candidates', or just 'Specified Groups'.
  • Click 'Create Adviser Login'
  • A link will be issued via email to the new advisor in order to set a password

If you choose for the adviser to only have access to students in specified groups:
  • On the same screen, find the teacher or adviser's name under the heading 'Adviser logins'
  • Select 'Edit'

  • Select the appropriate group that you wish to give the adviser or teacher access to
  • Click 'Save'

  • Check the teacher or adviser is assigned to the correct group: