How to access a candidate's results.

If you are using the latest version of Morrisby, please click here to view the relevant support articles.

To view candidate Profiles in advance of your interviews, you can access their results in Morrisby Manager

The main purpose of the interview is to give feedback to the student on their Morrisby results; explore the career and subject suggestions, and discuss and agree on a plan of action

  • Log in to Morrisby Manager

  • From the drop-down box at the top of the screen, select the school you wish to view

  • Select 'Candidates' and 'Morrisby Online' to see a list of all candidates who have completed the assessment

  • If you wish, you can further refine the list by selecting the appropriate Year group using the drop-down box

  • Find the student you are interviewing in the list (either scroll or type their name in the search box)

  • Select the head and shoulders icon under 'Access' to enter the candidate's account - this is where you can view their results

  • Note: if the icon in the column headed 'Interview' is amber, the candidate has completed their interview preparation. It is recommended that you view this prior to conducting your interview