• Login to Morrisby Manager 
  • Click the 'Settings' tab and select 'Subject Options'

  • Scroll down until you can see the following section:

  • Change the drop-down list to find the qualifications you wish to amend

  • A default subject list will be provided for you unless you decide to make any changes 
  • You can remove any of the subjects by un-ticking the box beside it

  • You can add a subtitle to any subject allowing you to match the course to what you offer
    Subtitles will appear below the main subject title on the candidate site - for example, Modern Foreign Lang. (French/ Mandarin/German/etc.) shows a subtitle of just French, Spanish

  • A candidate can add a subject to their own account, should it not appear in this list by either:
    Finding a subject using the search box at the bottom of their subject list
    Or, adding the subject into the free text box at the bottom of their subject list

    Please note that these may not be rated, as shown below