Please note.  This article refers to the version of Morrisby pre the October 2020 upgrade.  

If you are using the latest version of Morrisby, please click here to view the relevant support articles.

Summary of the lesson:

This session is appropriate for students who have completed a full Morrisby assessment of

their aptitudes, career interests and personality:

■ Students login to their Morrisby account to view their results

■ They reflect on their profile and the suggested careers

■ Students can change their intended qualification level to note how this affects their career suggestions and subject suggestions

■ They answer the Priorities questionnaire

Further investigation of individual careers can be carried out at this stage – or it can be delivered as another session. Students will record their responses to their profile and career suggestions in the form My Aptitudes Profile

Additional resources: Please ensure that the form 'My aptitudes profile' is set up in advance of this lesson.  

For more information on setting up a form see the attached document.