Usually, it is easier for candidates to register themselves on our site using your unique code.  However, if you prefer to import a group of accounts in one go, this can be done via your Morrisby Manager account.

1. Log in to Morrisby manager using your manager account

2. Select the 'Candidate' tab to view the existing list of candidate accounts

3. Click the 'Add Candidates' button, on the top right of the screen

4.  In the box that appears, select 'Import Candidates'

5.  Select the service your candidates are to use, i.e. Fast Tomato or a Morrisby assessment

6.  For Fast Tomato you'll need to select the group that you wish the new student accounts to be created in.

7.  For Morrisby services, you'll be asked to select the Registration code if you have more than one.

8.  Prepare the file containing the candidate details.  A template file can be downloaded as part of the import process.

The file must be a 'csv' file which can be created with a text editor or spreadsheet software like Excel.  If using Excel, please make sure that you have save the data as a csv file and not an Excel file.

Please read the instruction on this page carefully, as they contain information about what the file must include, and what is optional.

9.  Click, 'Choose file' to find the file on your computer, and then click 'Upload file'

10.  Click 'Import Users'

11. If the file is missing data, or candidates already exist that match the information that you are importing, you will be shown a list of any errors. Please click the back button, correct the file and repeat steps 9 and 10.

12.  If all the candidate data is looking correct, you'll see a message informing you of the number of candidates to be created:

13. Click the 'Start Import' button.  If the candidates were successfully added, you see a message telling you the number created.

14.  If there were any errors, you'll be shown a message explaining the cause.  Please take a note of the errors, then click 'View Candidates' and return to step 3.  You will need to correct the information in the file and try again.  

If you need assistance, please call us on 0330 500 5000 or email

PLEASE NOTE - this article related to the older version of Morrisby that was replaced on the 1st October 2020.  If you are now using the updated Morrisby site, please visit