How to set up MIS Sync

Modified on: Thu, 29 Feb, 2024 at 8:41 PM

From within Morrisby Manager, click the settings cog to the top right of your screen.

From the left hand menu, click MIS, then to the top right, click the blue Connect MIS button

Morrisby partners with Groupcall and Wonde as data integrators. If you know that your school already uses one of these integrators, select this here. If not, select unsure. You can also the Wonde or Groupcall school ID if you know this..

Add the contact details for the person who will confirm the integration within your IT Support team, then confirm the data sharing agreement and click Request Access.

Morrisby support will liaise with your IT Support Contact to ensure the integration is set up with no errors. 

Once we’re happy that everything is running smoothly, we will perform your initial sync and confirm with you once this is complete. If you have any duplicate accounts or issues with existing student data we will give you a call to resolve these before importing any student data.. 

If you have any questions on MIS Sync, please reach out to the support team at Morrisby who will be happy to help.

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