How to reset a student's aptitude assessments

Modified on: Thu, 28 Jul, 2022 at 1:21 PM

In the event that a student needs to re-take any of the aptitude assessments, you can organise this from within your Morrisby Manager account. 

  • Log in to Morrisby Manager
  • Select 'Students' and find the student who needs an assessment(s) reset
  • Tick the student's name then select 'Reset Assessments' in the 'Actions' drop-down:

  • In the dialog window that opens select the assessments you want to reset and click 'Reset':

  • A warning will appear to confirm you want to permanently delete the results for the selected assessment(s):

  • Select 'OK' to proceed with the reset
  • Click on the student's name in the student list to check the assessments have been reset; they are displayed within the student's details in the Aptitudes Profile area:

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